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29 August 2011 @ 01:07 am
   So I thought I'd start a new banana log! Ther original one, I don't know why, is giving me a really hard time to update. So I just gave up trying to figure out all the HTML crap and decided to just start a new blog. I think it's getting kind of image heavy anyway... By the way, if you haven't noticed in the original blog, there are some gifs missing. I was hoping that you all would help me get them back? If you have a gif/image, will you please send them my way? thanks! So here we go! Bananas Part 2 starting on

August 29, 2011 continuing from the first banana log!
Since I started the other one with Wooyoung, I'll start this one off with Nichkhun
2PM; Nichkhun

2PM; Wooyoung

2PM; Chansung

2PM Calvin Klein Shoot

Big Bang; TOP

gifs found on tumblr
Big Bang; G-Dragon

Big Bang; Taeyang

Doctor Who

gifs found on tumblr
Song Joong Ki on Running Man

SS501; Kyu Jong

Nana & Jungah

SHINee; Taemin

gif found on tumblr
Beast; Yoseob

gif found on tumblr
B1A4; Sandeul

F.T. Island; Hong Ki

Park Shi Hoo

2NE1; Park Bom

Wonder Girls; Sohee

gifs found on tumblr
Septermber 5, 2011: Whose Line Is It Anyway; Ryan Stiles

gif found on tumblr
John Barrowman aka Captain Jack

Noel Fielding aka Boosh

gif found on tumblr
Darren Criss

White Collar - I don't watch the show, but that's pretty awesome...

gif found on tumblr
Steve Correll

Panic At The Disco; Brendon Urie

2PM; Chansung on 2PM Show...eating bananas~

infinite; Woohyun

gif found on tumblr
September 22, 2011: I was image searching and came across this image. found this on asianfanfics
2PM; Chansung


found this image through google
2PM; Nichkhun

October 2, 2011: found this on tumblr~

October 11, 2011: Big Bang; Taeyang

found this image on tumblr 

Friend Finds
from aniloratka - BEAST; Yoseob! Thanks, bb!

2PM; Chansung

more Chansung~

May 19, 2012: Have you guys seen Avengers? No? Well you should.
Anyway...here's Tome Hiddleston who plays Loki...WITH A BANANA~!

He looks so spiffy in a suit (found on tumblr)

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