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Why Bananas? Part 2

   So I thought I'd start a new banana log! Ther original one, I don't know why, is giving me a really hard time to update. So I just gave up trying to figure out all the HTML crap and decided to just start a new blog. I think it's getting kind of image heavy anyway... By the way, if you haven't noticed in the original blog, there are some gifs missing. I was hoping that you all would help me get them back? If you have a gif/image, will you please send them my way? thanks! So here we go! Bananas Part 2 starting on

August 29, 2011 continuing from the first banana log!
Since I started the other one with Wooyoung, I'll start this one off with Nichkhun
2PM; Nichkhun

2PM; Wooyoung

2PM; Chansung

2PM Calvin Klein Shoot

Big Bang; TOP

gifs found on tumblr
Big Bang; G-Dragon

Big Bang; Taeyang

Doctor Who

gifs found on tumblr
Song Joong Ki on Running Man

SS501; Kyu Jong

Nana & Jungah

SHINee; Taemin

gif found on tumblr
Beast; Yoseob

gif found on tumblr
B1A4; Sandeul

F.T. Island; Hong Ki

Park Shi Hoo

2NE1; Park Bom

Wonder Girls; Sohee

gifs found on tumblr
Septermber 5, 2011: Whose Line Is It Anyway; Ryan Stiles

gif found on tumblr
John Barrowman aka Captain Jack

Noel Fielding aka Boosh

gif found on tumblr
Darren Criss

White Collar - I don't watch the show, but that's pretty awesome...

gif found on tumblr
Steve Correll

Panic At The Disco; Brendon Urie

2PM; Chansung on 2PM Show...eating bananas~

infinite; Woohyun

gif found on tumblr
September 22, 2011: I was image searching and came across this image. found this on asianfanfics
2PM; Chansung


found this image through google
2PM; Nichkhun

October 2, 2011: found this on tumblr~

October 11, 2011: Big Bang; Taeyang

found this image on tumblr 

Friend Finds
from aniloratka - BEAST; Yoseob! Thanks, bb!

2PM; Chansung

more Chansung~

May 19, 2012: Have you guys seen Avengers? No? Well you should.
Anyway...here's Tome Hiddleston who plays Loki...WITH A BANANA~!

He looks so spiffy in a suit (found on tumblr)


looking for mods!

hihi!! i'm posting on the school computer...lol!! 8D
anyways, i'm looking for helping hands at some of my a day communities!
originally posted at gdtop_aday
**i prefer that you know where to look for gifs or know how to make gifs. you definitely have to be interested in the the celebs. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

i feel really bad for not helping out my bbs posting at my a day communities :(
the thing is, my computer has died and i'm awaiting for it to be fixed! i do have a computer that i must share with the rest of my family. it's not the best thing, it's really slow and takes forever for gifs to load, it drives me crazy!
so until i get my computer fixed, is anyone interested in helping post?! if you know someone who would be interested, please let them know

beast_gifaday - BEAST/B2ST (gifs only) community needs 1 user
bigbang_gifaday - Big Bang (gifs only) community needs 1 user
chankhun_aday - Chansung Nichkhun community needs 1 user
withwoo - Wooyoung community needs 2 users
epik_gifaday - Epik High (gif only) community needs 1 or 2 user(s)
gdtop_aday - GDragon TOP community needs 1 user
mblaq_gifaday - MBLAQ gifs community needs 1 user
oneday_lovers - ONEDAY/2AM & 2PM community needs 1 or 2 user(s)
jaychou_aday - Jay Chou community needs 1 user

leave a comment and let me know which community (or ies) you want to help out with!
if you have any questions please leave a comment or message me.
i'll be back soon...hopefully >.o thanks so much guys! :3

*strike means position has been filled

Do I have to make gifs or can I just find them?
you can do either. if you do find them, try to credit the original source if you can. or just simiply say "credit as tagged"

The community hasn't been updated in a while, do I need to make up for all the missed days?
if it's just one or 2 days, please do. if not then just start on the day you're posting.
like at withwoo hasn't been updated since may & left off on day 93. just post day 94.
i hope that made sense.

I'm not too sure how the tagging works :(
no worries! i can fix it later on :)

#07 blogcrew: fuck Twilight

this idea just came to me when i saw a group of teenagers hanging out in the "Twilight" section at Hot Topic. i'm neither teams! i do not "Run with Vampire" nor do i "Run with Werewolves". so what team(s) am i on? anything Kpop!

● no drama please. sorry, but i think Kpop > Twilight
● kpop entertainment groups ONLY
● multiple claims per user, multiple users per claim
● change the, colors, fonts, etc to whatever you want JUST LINK BACK TO THIS POST!!!
● please put "FUCK TWILIGHT" in your subject if you are taking





Collapse )


#06 blogcrew: dirty little secret

2 claim per user; 2 user per claim (friends get up to 5 claims even if the claim is full)
multifamdom of WHATEVER you want. anything. TYL! are seperate
you may claim an entire band (ex. Big Bang) ONLY BANDS! (animanga, etc DOES NOT COUNT!)
please be sure to state your claim's name and where they're from (i don't know everything...)
must be approved before you can take the code
first come serve
you may tweak the code AS LONG AS IT STILL LEADS TO THIS POST!
so i know you read the rules.. put "Dirty Little Secret" as subject. NO SUBJECT NO CLAIM!
CTRL+F is your bff
be patient and give me time to add your claims

( claim here; )
is my dirty little secret

(Jpop) Alice Nine
Hiroto - starless_sky20 / dropsofstars
Shou - sosweetpain /

Aiba Masaki - gackt_tytta /

C.N Blue
Jung Yong Hwa - asianized_x /

Uruhha - noahko /
Aoi - lifeisnyaa /

Hey! Say! JUMP
entire band - brosiscomplex / heysayjumplove
Arioko Daiki - heysayjumplove /
Yamada Ryosuke - yamada_love / 

entire band - yue_akuma /

entire band - yue_akuma /

Koyama Keiichiro - silver881 /
Tegoshi Yuya - mcflyrox85 /
Nishikido Ryo - gackt_tytta /

Ruka - adlasaid /

(Kpop) 2NE1
entire band - ai_baka /

entire band - top_seunghyun / ai_baka / ageneshi / fidottt
Chansung - fidottt /
Jaebeom - peepserror /
Wooyoung - ai_baka / penipenpen / gaietyparody

Yo Seob - gaietyparody / kickbuhttninja

Big Bang
entire band - top_seunhyun / ai_baka / e_complications
GD - sj13forever / e_complications / ai_baka / lovelyable / gaietyparody
Taeyang - fidottt /
TOP - top_seunghyun /
ladycloche / e_complications

Junsu - perfectstart /
Jaejoong - lea-sama /

Epik High
entire band - top_seunghyun /
Tablo - top_seunghyun /

F.T Island
Lee Jaejin - kickbuhttninja /

entire band - jayxjunhoyeppeo /
Mir - fidottt /
Joon - penipenpen / peepserror

entire band -
ladycloche / ageneshi
Minho - fidottt /

Super Junior
Donghae - penipenpen /
Heechul - gaietyparody /

(Actors) Cody Rhodes - jpop_fanatic /
Nakamura Yuichi - colorfulkizuna /
Randy Orton - jpop_fanatic /
Sato Takeru - colorfulkizuna /

(Animanga)  Axis Powers Hetalia
America - pillowsofwind /
France - dommit /
Russia - pillowsofwind /
Spain - lovino /
South Italy - lovino / dommit
Code Geass
Rolo Lamperouge - jonesmeister /
Kanda Yuu - xaixin /
Fullmetal Alchemist:
Envy - neurotripsy /
Gundam 00
Hallelujah Haptism - tempestverse /
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Rokudou Mukuro - innoc3nt /

Vinnie - r0k0 /
Life on Mars
Gene Hunt - hakfung /